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Sangoma Appliances

Sangoma's appliance are generally a separate and discrete hardware device with integrated software (firmware), specifically designed to provide a specific computing resource. Sangoma appliance devices became known as "appliances" because of their similarity to home appliances, which are generally "closed and sealed" – not serviceable by the owner. The hardware and software are pre-integrated and pre-configured before delivery to customer, to provide a "turn-key" solution to a particular problem. Sangoma's appliances are generally not designed to allow the customers to change the software (including the underlying operating system), or to flexibly reconfigure the hardware.

Sangoma Express For Lync Appliance
Sangoma Express For Lync Appliance
Sangoma Express For Lync is all-in-one Lync server with a built-in VoIP gateway and SBC.Microsoft® Lync™ - Ultimate Unified Communications Solution which delivers complete presence, instant messa...

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